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Be sure to read my series, Secret Saturdays: The Next Generation! Plus, Check out all my folders to see all the art I have done, including some nightmares, and some Crossovers of my series and other things!

WARNING: You know you do by Sakya-Chan


This may be mostly of Secret Saturdays...


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Why Should You Know?
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I am a dragon freak. I love to study, draw, and even imagine dragons.

"The Secret Saturdays" is my favorite show. Saturday, my cryptid, is a mix of all The Secret Saturday Family. Zak, Drew, Solomon, Komodo, Fisk, and Zon Saturday. My OC, Max Saturday, is in the profile pic above in my crossover of SS:TNG and Amnesia, which, shown above, includes Stephano, Pewdiepie, Frantina (Turning into Justine from Amnesia:Justine), and partly Francis.
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My Group is called: SecretSaturdayOCs. It is only for OCs based on The Secret Saturdays.

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Still working on he finished draft, but the first chapter is finished in rough draft, and chapter two is beginning. Now, while I'm here, I'm going to put some things to why there are certain happenings;

1. In my comic, Pokemon owned by trainers are 'immortal', for they can be easily healed at a pokécenter. I didn't put Lavender Town in consideration, talking about Pokémon that have died in battle; the only thing I remembered from Lavender Town when making the first chapter is Cubone's Mother as a ghost.

2. I know in the anime, people (aka, mainly Ash) can understand Pokémon most of the time through it, but in my comic, that's not the case. Only very few people can understand Pokémon. For example, in the game Pokémon Black 2, N can understand Zekrom. But for my comic, as I said, it's rare that anyone understands Pokémon besides a very few (and Meowth, in which will explain something in chapter 2. But I'm not going into details.)

3. I believe, if Pokémon get lost for a while, they can forget their trainers and become wild Pokémon again, breaking from their pokéball bond. I say about two years they forget, which will explain something in chapter one.

4. In chapter one, there's a part where their a Pokémon-Catching animation of my own design. This is just how I think it would look, so please don't say 'that's now how it looks!' Or something. This is just my opinion.

5. 'Project MewThree' will be mentioned later on in chapter 1. I know people believe MewThree is either 'Mega MewTwo' or MewTwo wearing armor, but I think MewThree is another stage above MewTwo -a higher strength than- and Rockets are trying to make this to stop MewTwo from possibly destroying the world, due to the mistake of not catching him when he was created, therefore not having control of him. And yes, I'm saying MewTwo was not caught yet, ignoring Pokémon Origins and any other moment MewTwo was probably caught.

6. YES. There are guns. I know in the anime, they banned episodes for having actual guns in the show, but in my comic there are probably going to be points where you see a gun. Forewarning everyone.

7. Obviously, there is blood and skeletons in this comic. So far, only one skeleton of a Pokémon is shown, as well as only a few panels where blood is shown, but it's honestly not that bad, since it's cartoon-ish and not realistic.

8. I kinda dismiss the region Pokémon a lot in this. For example, You might see a Kalos Region Pokémon -which will more than likely be the setting of this-, but you might also see Unova Region Wild Pokémon. Hinting; WILD. Not PokéBank or owned by trainers. WILD.

9. SHADING IS VERY BAD! - In the first page to the second page you will see it; The app I use does NOT let me keep colors in a 'saved area'. The color of the grass, as you will see, may change, like, seven times. I'm sorry, but I cannot get the exact color each time. Don't comment about this, for the love of Xerneas.

10. Saying it bluntly; I am not that good of a drawer. Seriously. So don't critique my drawing skills of anime. Yes, obviously the Pokémon are way better in drawing than the people. Accept maybe Eevee, but I'm still working on it. I tell you ahead of time. Thank you.

That's all I got right now, but if you guys begin to see the comic and are confused on certain events, comment on THIS JOURNAL and I will edit the journal later on, explaining more about the comic so first-time-readers will also see this and understand. Thank you.

ONE MORE THING. This is MY comic. No one elses. If I catch anyone using my art and not copywriting me for the owner, or for the characters, I will message a warning that if you don't take it off or copywrite me, I will report you and ask for it to be deleted forcefully from your account. If nothing happens even after I report, I will keep reporting, for they should be more strict for copywrite on HERE.

Edit-1/20/2014 *added two more information. Funny thing is 8 and 9 are the new ones. Also a WARNING!



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