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Be sure to read my series, Secret Saturdays: The Next Generation! Plus, Check out all my folders to see all the art I have done, including some nightmares, and some Crossovers of my series and other things! Hetalia is becoming a newby to my account, but also is making a big appearance, so be sure to check that out, too!

WARNING: You know you do by Sakya-Chan

And yet... OC Stamp by ChibiGem


This may be mostly of Secret Saturdays...


Which speaking of which, Hey, I'm making another DA! It's mainly a back up DA to where I can move into if problems do occur (we had reasons in the past as you probably read below), but anyways, once it is done, I'll post the link here! FORWARNING: I WILL have a Deviation on there that WILL reference the previous thoughts as of below this comment. I do not mean ANY hate (as of now) towards the ORIGINAL reasoning of the new account. I just worked on that due to the blindness of rage I was in and suspected. So if any of you watch that of the person I apologize to below, do NOT go hate on me or my new account. Thank you!
Hey guys. You probably heard about the latest news of the rumored "hacker" of my account from Nordic-Lover-Rena. Yes, for a moment, we believed that to be the case, and in fact, I blamed someone for it, which is my fault. I tried my mom's desktop to see if it would work, and it ended up working... But, even so, it was hard to believe my accuser for when s/he was not the brightest and had a lot of evidence against her/him: I told them my username when they asked, they had a reason against me, and I had blocked them in the past and are still. There could be a possibility that they did mess with my mobile side of my DA because I cannot access it through there, and I still can't. I originally was going to make a new account, and I'm still going to make it, and I will post the art I had originally made for it. So, even though a little side of me still doesn't want to, I apologize to DeathKid136 for accusing her/him for hacking my account.
Fnaf OC?: Withered Mike by Dragonrule231
Fnaf OC?: Withered Mike
This dude came into my dreams last night. Yeah. No more late fnaf watching.

Bio and Backstory to be made later
Fnaf OC: Danny Dragonstein, The First Aidimatronic by Dragonrule231
Fnaf OC: Danny Dragonstein, The First Aidimatronic
I thought about making this guy a while back, but I never went with it. He's in the basic stages, but he's pretty well thought out for design.


Saying You Are Sane Is Insane
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United States
I am a dragon freak. I love to study, draw, and even imagine dragons.

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My Main Group

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1. No tag-backs! 
2. You must ANSWER the questions
3. Tag at least 10 people
4. Give 10 questions back
5. Copy these rules onto your journal.

Tagged By: :iconlollipopcookie: Gdi Edana.

Her questions:

1. What are your favourite animes?

 Hetalia and Durarara. I'm new to the animes

2. What do you like to draw?

Hetalia, dragons, people, etc. 

3. If the world was ending in the next few days what would you do?

Hmm... Murder someone and find out what human meat tastes like, idk. But hopefully The world won't end anytime soon.

4. If you woke up in an alternate universe where you had to meet your AU!Self to get back to your world, work with your AU!Friends and self, and travel through a haunted house and fight off enemies, with the cost of your life to get back your whole world, would you sacrifice yourself for your world? Or will you decided to stay in the AU instead?

Depends on how my AU self and friends are.

5. The cops are coming to arrest you for something you have never done but was framed! What would you do?

Have my family explain everything. Or go to court and prove myself innocent.

6. What would you do if you woke up in a white room, learning that your current life was fake and that you were living in your favourite game/anime?

Well, then I would go look for my favorite characters and see if I can hang out with them, I guess. Or find out what my life is in that world.

7. Would you prefer to stay in another world where you had all the riches and fame, but lose your family, friends, and everyone that you know, where you would be invisible to everyone else in the new world? Or stay in your current world.

I would stay here. Living a life with riches and fame is not as fun as hanging out with your friends.

8. What is your favourite element?

FIRE. *this is why chemistry is my favorite class*

9. You are now your favourite character in your favourite game/anime, who & what is it, and what do you do to fuck up this character's life?

My favorite character would have to be Italy from Hetalia. And, well... Probably make him do something his second player would do. Just for fun.

10. Chocolate?

Chocolate... CHOCOLATE? CHOOOOOCLATEEEE //shot down. 

Yeah I like Chocolate.


My (Well, more like Luciano's) Questions To The Tagged Below:

1. Luciano: "Become one with Russia?"

2. Luciano: "Are you more murderous or innocent? *smirks*"
Me: "I'm about to make you stop asking questions."

3. Luciano: "One more bad asking."
Me: "...Fine."
Luciano: "Sadist or Masociast?"

4. Luciano: "Okay I'm being serious now. If you had a weapon of your own, like my knife, what would you prefer?"

5. Luciano: "If you saw me, what would be your first reaction? Be honest here~ *grins while holding knife*"

6. Luciano: "Fun Fact: Did you know that in the average life, a person passes a murderer 36 times? It's a fun fact because they didn't kill you~"
Me: "I will remove you from this journal I swear to doitsu--"

7. Luciano: "What do you think of that Fauchereve guy--? He creeps me out--" 
Me: "Fau wouldn't hurt a fly--"

8. Luciano: "If you have read InSAnItY entirely, do you think I'm the good guy or the bad guy? Be honest. I won't threaten you with my knife this time."

9. Luciano: "I am 2p!Italy, if you didn't know my human name. Who do you ship me with? Admin forced me to ask this question--"

10. Luciano: "Would you allow me to kill my admin? *grins darkly*"



:iconnordic-lover-rena: I chose you first for reasons

:iconchildxofxmischief: CLAUDE, I CHOOSE YOU

:icontheoliviakirkland: IM BORED KAY

:iconmythology-lover: Sorry dani~ *troll face*

:iconmoonofheaven1: OR :iconrexinsame: HIA MOON.

:iconrosel-d: Im honestly just choosing random people at this point.

:icononerandomnameindeed: IM RUNNING OUT OF PEOPLE--

:iconshaxra15: SHAXRA SORRY XD

:iconaiyawokandladdle: I ALMOST FORGOT TO TAG YOU~



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sAniTYiSaLiE231 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  New member Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Due to my Dragonrule231 account bugging, I'm going to be using this account for now. I'll comment this on my Dragonrule231 profile so you know!

-sAniTY (aka. Dragon)
Nordic-Lover-Rena Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I've gotten some info from Dragonrule and she says she'll be creating a back up account. I'll be sure to post it here when she gives me the link
Nordic-Lover-Rena Featured By Owner Edited 5 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Anyone who reads this, Dragonrule231 has possibly been hacked. She hasn't been able to get on as of last night and it's really worrying. If anyone out there can try to get her account open, please try. She's a really dear friend of mine and I don't want her account to die. We have a suspect, but i'll only say through private message if you need it.

Best regards, Nordic-Lover-Rena.
Deathkid136 Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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Ha. It's true, in a way. I do come from the shadows. No one usually sees me coming, and when they do, I've already sliced out their throat.
Deathkid136 Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
True. You will have to thank my admin for making the card.
{I'm glad enjoyed the card}
Dragonrule231 Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Hehe ^^

(It was interesting XD Thanks ^^)
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Ciao bella~!
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Ciao ^^
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You can call me Feliciana or Feli. :3
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